Wotofo Serpent Mini Atomizer Tank

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Atomizer Tank - Wotofo Serpent Mini

Wotofo Serpent Mini Atomizer Tank

Wotofo Serpent Mini (S.S.) RTA Atomizer Tank

A strong mode of electronic cigarette box requires a powerful atomizer tank. Wotofo Serpent Mini Atomizer Tank, mod electronic cigarette can be an atomizer tank you are looking for. Serpent Mini Atomizer Tank is an electronic tank atomizer made entirely of stainless steel.

The Serpent Mini is an RTA atomizer. RTA; The Rebuildable Tank is the abbreviated version of the Atomizer Bastille. This prime indicates that manual winding can be done when the coil part of the atomizer tank is damaged and electronic cigarette coil winding can be done. Wotofo Serpent Mini Atomizer At the same time in the tank S.S. There is a testimony. This means that the atomizer tank is made of stainless steel, ie "stainless steel".

When combined with an electronic cigarette lid, the Serpent Mini Atomizert Tank, which has reached a very high steam capacity, will be waiting for you at Elektroniksigaraevi.net with the assurance of years.

Wotofo Serpent Mini (S.S.) RTA Atomizer Tank Features:

Wotofo Serpent Mini SS. Let's talk a little about the RTA Atomizer Tank. This atomizer tank with a diameter of 22 mm is a useful atomizer tank because it can be reconfigured. Peek Insulator part (part separating air ducts and liquid tank) There are adjustable air ducts in the specially produced atomiser tank in Germany. The 2 mm dock inside the atomizer tank is ideal for re-winding. Serpent Mini SS. The RTA Atomizer Tank is mounted in electronic cigarette mode with a high quality 510 connection manufactured from under the electronic cigarette. Wotofo Serpent Mini (S.S.) The RTA Atomizer Tank is topped up and offers easy handling at this point. Wotofo Serpent Mini (S.S.) RTA Atomizer Tank also has a drip type, ie mouthpiece, 5 mm in diameter, made of stainless steel.

Wotofo Serpent Mini (S.S.) RTA Atomizer Tank Box Contents:

1 x Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA Atomizer Tank
1 x Glass Tank Section
1 x User Manual
Air Ducted Rings
Japanese Bezier for 1 x Winding
Stainless Steel Wire for Winding
Screw Switch

Wotofo Serpent Mini (S.S.) RTA Atomizer Tank Product Features:

  • Wotofo Serpent Mini is an RTA Atomizer Tank. That is, you can rebuild the Atomizer Tank when the Coil is on.
  • Wotofo Serpent Mini has a 3 ml Liquid Tank.
  • Wotofo Serpent Mini Has 4 mm Air Channels.
  • The Atomizer Tank is 22 mm in diameter.
  • Wotofo Serpent Minide 2mm Docks Provide Re-winding.
  • Wotofo Serpent Mini Stainless Steel And Glass Was Produced.
  • Wotofo Serpent Mini 510 is mounted on electronic cigarette with screwing system.
  • Wotofo Serpent Mini Gold Plating Has a 510 Screw Connection. This Sayede Electricity Provides Better Transmission And Superior Performance.
  • Wotofo Serpent Mini Uses Peek Insulator For Leaking Liquid From Air Channels. This part is specially produced in Germany.
  • Wotofo Serpent Mini is Filled from the Top. Atomizer Tank has its own masonry from 5 mm diameter stainless steel.
  • Sold Out With Many Accessories That Will Make It Easier For You to Wrap Inside the Box.
  • Special Stainless Steel Mouthpiece Provides No Burning of High-Rise Mouth.

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